Realtor FAQ
Property Information: 
Name of Property: Sendera Ranch Master Association & Sendera Ranch Single-Family Association
Rancho Canyon is a part of Sendera Ranch Master & Single-Family Association. All properties located in Sendera Ranch are subject to both the Master & Single-Family Association. 
Onsite Office Address: 1036 Diamondback Lane, Haslet, TX 76052
Type of Community: Master Plan, Single-Family
Age of Property: 20yrs
Incorporation Date: 4/21/2004
# of Homes: 4679
# of Phases: 25                   
Trash Days: Mondays
Pet Restrictions: 2 per household. No livestock, chickens, or farm animals
Amenities: 3 pools, 4 playgrounds, basketball court, clubhouse, 2 soccer fields, sports field, hockey rink, gazebo, ponds, and walking trails
Pool Access: Pool access by Paxton phone application. Must be in good standing with the association for access.
Annual Meetings:  October                      
Board Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month
Clubhouse Reservation: The clubhouse can be rented for a fee.
Vehicle & Parking Restrictions: No trailers, boats, motorhomes (RVs), or commercial vehicles.
Leasing Restrictions: None (No Leasing Permits Required)
Management Information
Management Company: SBB Management
Manager: Tameka Jackson
Management Address: 12801 N. Central Expwy, Ste 1401, Dallas, TX, 75243
Phone Number: 972-960-2800
Resale Information: 
Order a Resale Certificate: 
  • Comprehensive Closing Package: Resale Certificate + Association Documents + Compliance Inspection + Statement of Account $625
  • Limited Closing Package:  Resale Certificate + Association Documents  + Statement of Account $495
  • Resale Certificate & Association Documents: Resale Certificate + Association Documents $375
 In accordance with Texas law, turnaround time for completion of resale certificates is 10 business days.  
 Homewisedocs offers expedited returns for additional rush fees.
Rush Fees: 
1 business days Rush Fee $360.00
3 business days Rush Fee $260.00
5 business days Rush Fee $160.00
7 business days Rush Fee $110.00
There is also a $275.00 administrative/transfer fee that is collected at closing.
Any additional working capitals or fees to be collected at closing will be listed on the resale once ordered. All listed costs in this email are the same for each Association, while the working capitals and additional fees are not listed because they differ for each association.
If further assistance is needed when placing the order, please contact Homewise at or 866-925-5004.
* The resale package documents ,if applicable, consists of:
Architectural Guidelines (if blank, included in the CC&Rs)
Articles of Incorporation
Current Unaudited Financial Documents
Insurance Dec Page
Order Statement
Reserve Report
Resolutions and Policies
Rules and Regulations (if blank, included in the CC&Rs)
Special Assessments
** Any changes or updates needed for an already completed resale will need to be requested through with a $75 fee for this update. All resales are good for 180 days.
Questionnaires may also be ordered through
Assessment Information
        Single-Family Assessment: $121
        Master Assessment:  1st year: $25
                                       2nd year: $30
                                       3rd year: $35
                                       4th – 15th year: $37.25
Due: Quarterly (January, April, July, October)
Assessment Late Date: 30th
Insurance Information:
Insurance Provider: HUB International Limited
Property Coverage:  $2 million
Liability Coverage: $1 million
D&O Coverage: $1 million
Umbrella: $1 million