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Posted on Nov 11th, 2010

Sendera Ranch Running Club (SRRC) welcomes all runners to come out and join us, many people think running is a solitary sport it sure can be – after all, one of the great aspects of running is that it is a simple sport. You don’t need much gear and you can run anytime, anyplace, anywhere (with a few exceptions). But running can also be a social sport. There are many reasons to run/walk with a group or club such as:
  1. Meeting new people and making new friends.
  2. Staying motivated with your exercise and training.
  3. Learning new things about running from the other runners.
  4. Sharing your knowledge of running with others in the club.
Morning Schedule
Tues, Thurs 5:15 am Children's Court Yard parking lot
Saturday 7:00 am 5-6 miles Amenity Center 1 parking lot 
Run miles will increase once level of running is comfortable for group
Evening Schedule
Tues, Thursday, 6:45pm (Mary) 3.1 miles run, miles will increase once level of running is comfortable for group. Meeting point Diamondback/Trail Break school parking lot, when the time falls back we will start the run/walks at 6:45pm.
Contact Information
Mary - 903-513-4353  
Tammy - 817-266-0095
Traci - 817-721-6675
Jontue - 817-938-7661
Helpful Websites for Runners and Walkers
Run Calendar
RunTex Calendar of Events


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