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Letter to Homeowners
Posted on Mar 1st, 2019

I wanted to take a few moments to touch base on the events within the community. Over the past two weeks I have had the privilege of meeting with your Advisory Committee, ARC Committee, and Social Chairperson and discussing several upcoming events and projects. More on this in a moment. I have also been able to speak with each of our vendors and we are actively walking the property together and discussing contract details, estimates for proposed projects, and continued maintenance.

I also had the opportunity to drive the property and familiarize myself with each neighborhood. Just as I mentioned in my previous email blast I did begin to issue letters to the community. Over the last two weeks I have issued a few hundred. I would like to say thank you to everyone I have spoken to. Thus far everyone who has reached out about a letter they received has been very professional and kind. I can see that everyone is eager to see a positive change and they take great pride in their community. Together, I know we can make a difference. In the event you receive a letter and there are extenuating circumstances, such as a fire, flood, or family emergency, please feel free to reach out to me and together we can adjust the timeline as needed.

Just a few quick reminders, special attention should be made to trash cans left outside and visible on non-trash days. Trash days are Tuesday and bulk trash is the first full week of the month. When you leave your trash can out not only does it negatively impact the aesthetics of the community but it can become a hazard. Trash cans left at the street result in a change of traffic flow as people navigate around them and have to drive closer to the middle of the road verses their designated side as designed. It also forces pedestrians, joggers, and children to enter into the street rather than continue along the sidewalk as designed. Finally, leaving your trash cans, and other debris, can be an invitation for wild dogs, cats, and other animals. Please take those extra few moments to roll them into your garage and out of public view.

Next, I did notice several trailers, boats, and large commercial trucks, vans and 18-wheelers. Please note your governing documents strictly forbid these.

Mark your calendars for Sunday March 10th from 2:00 - 6:00! This event has been postponed due to the impending inclement weather. You, your family, and your friends are all invited to enjoy some fun and relaxation at the Austin Stone pool. There will be live music, face painting, giveaways, bounce houses, food trucks, and much more. Remember this is a free event to the community, sponsored by DFW Storm Solutions. I will reiterate this is not an endorsement from the HOA, or management. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and have some fun. Our next event will be in April when the Association will be hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt. More details to come on that. Then, beginning in May we will be hosting monthly Movie Nights in the Park. Finally, we do have a few other ideas and will be working to see if we can get those solidified and rolled out as well.

This week the ARC Committee met and discussed several ways to get the community more involved. One item on the agenda discussed was opening up the Rancho Canyon clubhouse to homeowners who would like to host an ongoing club or event. There would be no charge for the clubhouse but to qualify you will 1. Have to be a homeowner. 2. You cannot utilize this as an opportunity to advertise or earn money. It truly has to be a free event for anyone who wishes to attend. 3. Someone will have to take the lead responsibility of their guests, the event, pickup and return of the keys, and ensure the clubhouse is clean. If you are interested in hosting a card club, book club, cooking class, kids club, or anything else that you might be interested in please reach out to me at If you would like more information, or to reserve the clubhouse please email Barbara Smith at

Finally, just a few quick notes on what is happening with accounting. As you know there are two associations within Sendera Ranch HOA. What you may not realize is that an HOA is a business like any other. Each association has their own rules and regulations, board of directors, and budgetary restrictions. Having two associations is confusing for many people and having to make two payments was even more confusing. In order to make things more convenient for the homeowners the board decided to make it possible for you to submit only one payment versus two. What you may not know is that the accounting department still has to appropriate the funds to the correct account. This, along with the switchover to the new accounting software, has resulted in a temporary slowdown in the processes. For you, what this means is that you may not see your payment reflected on the community web portal. DO NOT FEAR! We are aware of the situation, you are not alone, and there are policies in place to ensure your account is handled appropriately. SBB has hired several new account executives to assist in this situation. If you have dropped your check off at the onsite office rest assured your check has gone to the corporate office and it will be posted. Please have patience for just a bit longer. If you need to speak to corporate about your account you can reach out to Wilnette at (972) 960-2800 ext. 366.

This is all that I have at this time. I will send more email blasts as the opportunity arises. Until then I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I look forward to speaking to you all.


Amanda Duckworth, CMCA
Sendera Ranch HOA, Association Manager


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