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Pool Guards
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2016

Given the increase and severity of incidents reported at the pools over the past couple of months, the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee felt they had no choice but to contract with a guard service to monitor the pools until they are closed for the year on Sept. 25th.  Unfortunately, the incidents reported were creating an unsafe, and in some cases, hostile environment for residents, adding costs to the yearly budget for pool cleaning, and making it very difficult for those that follow the pool rules to enjoy themselves. 
Since the Rancho Canyon pool opened this year, our previous pool guard service contract would have caused the Board to either increase annual dues or reduce the budget somewhere else to account for this additional expense, so the decision was made to cancel the guard contract for 2016 with the thought that the residents would be respectful of one another without a guard on the premises. Sadly, we were wrong and will consider several guard service options in the years to come to ensure the residents of this great community can enjoy the pools as intended without having to consider raising dues or cutting other services from the budget. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Starting Monday, July 25, 2016, there will be a security guard on duty inside the pool area(s).  The security guard will have various roles and responsibilities which will included but not limited to verifying that those entering the pool area are homeowners, verified tenants or approved guests. Please be sure to have your access card and state ID / school ID with you each time or you will be asked to leave the pool area. If you need a pool card, go to the HOA office during business hours or call 817-439-2155  for details. 

The security guard(s) will help to ensure that those in the pool area follow proper decorum. If you witness an instance where pool rules are not being followed, please notify the guard, and he or she will address it. The security guard is not a lifeguard, and there is no lifeguard on duty at any time at the pool.

The security guard will have the right to ask a homeowner, verified tenant or approved guests to leave if they feel that person is not following rules or they are conducting themselves in an unsafe manner. If the person being asked to leave does not comply, further law enforcement will be notified as well as the HOA. As a reminder, non-potty trained children MUST wear swim diapers in the pool. Every time there is feces released into the pool, we must close the pool for a minimum of 24 hours to treat the water for potential pathogens. Not only is this inconvenient for those homeowners who would like to enjoy the amenities, but it also incurs extra costs for the association.  Any additional questions or concerns should be directed to the Community Manager at or by phone at 817-439-2155. 


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